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Virtual Summer Art Tutor
"I enjoy that you take an interest in what I want to focus on. You give instructions that help me to know what to practice."

-Maddie, age 11

Have a young artist in your life with a creative goal?  
I want the animals I draw to look more real. 
I like to draw people, but drawing hands is hard for me. 
I love drawing cars, but I want to draw them better.
I want to get better at using colored pencil for my drawings.
Set aside an hour each week for your son or daughter to work towards his or her personal artistic goal under the mentorship of a virtual art tutor.  Lessons are personalized to suit your child's interests and needs.
Weekly lessons take place in a private video chat hosted by the tutor using the Zoom video conferencing platform.
Please contact me to discuss a schedule that would work for your young artist.
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